Mini-tutorial: HOW TO Rescue your prims from being destructed and forgotten.

31 10 2009

There you are – a builder. Or a gifted aprentice.

 However, you are infected with a virus that lets you create things in-world.

To do so successfully and to keep your mental health you should always have one
guiding principle hardwired in your mind:


When you build,  it is advisable to take a copies of your creation into your inventory even before it is fully finished.

Nothing can drive you more nuts than loosing a work of several hours because
– you hit the wrong button,
– you get your stuff returned in a sandbox without notice and as a puzzle,
– SL has a bad day and the inventory is simply lost in the depths of the asset server,
– some idiot has invented a script that pushes your stuff off-world.

This tutorial should give you a few small hints on how to not loose your things.

Basic Knowledge:
Second life works this way with prims:
You build things in-world, in a sim, which is simply a RL server that handles the 15.000 primitives, users can create there by rezzing them.

A central secure asset server network is controlling all of the objects in Second Life, which people take into their inventory.

The simulators and the asset server interact which each other and constantly hand over objects due to rezzing them (asset server –> sim) or due to picking them up or take a copy (sim–> asset server).

Sometimes there are malfunctions in this interaction and sometimes stuff gets even lost in transition.
Have a break reminder, your wristwatch or an eggtimer. Whatever.
Anything in this line is good. The reminder should alarm you at least each hour to take a copy. Thus, if anything happens, you only loose an hours work.

Copy or Take:
When doing the backup, you can either take the whole work with marking it, rightclick and “Take” on the pie-menu or by rightclick and “Take copy”.
Take copy is the more comfortable and safe method of both.
Comfortable, because when you take an object, it vanishes from the sim and you have to drag it back to there to continue to work. With “copy” a copy of the thing simply appears in your inventory.

Copy is also safer, because if there is any communications-malfunction between sim and asset-server (lag, crashes, bad net-weather, etc.), the object vanishes from the sim database and might fall into limbo. You might need a support ticket to retrieve it if possible at all.
When taking a copy, you still have the object you work on in the sim.

Inventory organisation:
When you build something, treat it like a project and let the poor thingie have its own folder.
When you do the first backup, go to the objects folder and create a new folder by rightclick and choose “new folder” from the popup menu. Name the folder as you like.

Then TAKE the object. You see your object vanish in the sim and appear in the “objects”-folder in your inventory.
Now leftclick it and pull it over to your new folder.Good.

Now drag the object from there back to the sims floor.

When done, every copy you take from now on (if you do not change the rootprim) will automaticly appear in your new project folder now.
This makes finding things easier.

Naming the baby:
Second Life is not very creative when it comes to names. Any prim you create is named “object”. Bah!.
Problem is, that the rootprim of the object you are backing up and thus the whole object is also named … “object”.

You will not remark this fact until you look for some special older version, which you need and have to go over 50 things named “object” in your inventory to find out which of the buggers is the one you actually want.

Give a name to your object is the first point here.
Name it in the edit-menu (Tab “General”).

Choose a name you remember! Once that is done your time searching will be a bit easier.

Also you want to be able to distinct between “MyFluffyRabbitImademyself” created yesterday or the upgrade of “MyFluffyRabbitImademyself” you finished an hour ago.

You can do so by simply choosing to sort your inventory in chronological order, so newest things are shown on top, or by using version-related names.

Simply let “MyFluffyRabbitImademyself” be “MyFluffyRabbitImademyself A”. Now after taking the copy name the inworld-version you work on “MyFluffyRabbitImademyself B” and so on.

Some people find it easier to use version numbers like “MyFluffyRabbitImademyself” 1.3″ etc.

Linked objects and heaps:
You can take copies either of pre-linked objects or you drag a marker square over your stuff and thus mark it and copy those.

The advantage of linked objects is that normally you have the same rootprim at any time (see above – inventory organisation).

With using heaps, you are able to mark unlinkable combinations of objects (rootprims further from each other than 20 meters).
The Problem is: if you do not have the same relating rootprim for the heap, it will change its name with every backup.

You can avoid that either by marking all objects and pick one object you de-mark by holding the ctrl-key and left click on it and then click again on it and re-mark it.

The last marked object in the heap will be treated as root prim to the whole heap and determine which name it will have.
A good method is to create a red prim a bit aside as an anchor and let it have the version name.

Then use the heap method and as last object de- and re-mark the red prim. Then take the copy.

If you are an advanced builder and build things for sale or if you are a true megalomanic when it comes to the sheer size of your creations, link and heap is no real option.

Your objects may be simply too big or to far apart to link them and stuff them in your pocket. Thats what rezboxes are for.

They basicly allow you to
– link multiple objects in segments instead of one huge object,
– stick scripts in each segement,
– safe the position of each segment relative to the rezbox,
– pick all up and stuff it in the rezbox inventory,
– make the rezbox rez them and put them back in their place.

There are multiple rezbox systems available in SL the most famous are
– Rez Locus
– Rez Faux
– Rez Foo

If you do not know anything about those, consult the inworld search for those names and check their product info about how they exactly work before reading on.

If you know how they work and have one, you can do your backups by doing more or less as described above.

The difference is, that instead of naming a single object in version names, you now name each segment with a child script in it (for example “Lefthalfofthehouse V1.2” and “Rhighthalfofthehouse V2.0”) every time you do changes (dont change the rootprims position or you have to re-store its position with the rezbox).
Then you rename the segment and take a copy.

After that, you simply replace the segment in the inworld-rezbox-inventory and take regular copies if the rezbox itself into your project folder.
Carefull deleting:

One last tip:
When deleting things, use right click on them and choose “delete ” on the pie menu.
Do not press the del-key on your keyboard.

When you use the del-key, things are simply deleted. Gone. Finito.
When you use the pie menu, things go to your trash-folder and you have the chance to retrieve them if necessary.

So, the right-click is probably the more carefull way.
Thats all folks.
Build long and prosper.

New Online Fun

16 08 2009

Ig ive in that this isnt really SL-related, but having been a dedicated player of the Battlefield Shooters for years, I rolled nearly over laughing when seeing the newest member of the lineage: Battlefield Heroes


Being a shooter, this is also comic and reminds at first sight to the Evil Genious game. Funny, adrenaline-fueling and with a team-related aspect, this game so far froze me to the screen for 8 hours. Let’s see if this keeps on 🙂


I never lost a sock in Second Life

27 03 2009

It happens to me in RL all in a while.

A sock vanishes to somewhere in a rift in time and space.sock231

While investigating my most recent loss in this regard (if you see
a black sock with a red “WALK!” written on the side on a rampage : email me)
I wiggled out the fact, that I never happened to loose a sock in Second Life.

I have lost many things:

– Some paintings through asset server issues.
– Some building designs by sheer stupidity.
– Lots of L$ when the bank ban broke loose a stampede.
– Minor stuff from my inventory.

But miraculously, I never lost one of my three pairs of socks.

I would either claim the reason behind this to be pure logic or
the to the limits of simulation.

Pure logic would demand that you can not loose single socks where
in SL they always come in pairs. I accept that this has its points, at least unless I interrogated people who use prim socks and testify that they lost one of those.

The more appealing reason is simulation limits:
LL did manage to create a world if not even a galaxy where nearly everything is possible. Flight, creation, love, game, communication.

But they did not manage to create the same “background-galaxies” that RL offers.
In this case, they did not manage to create the sock-galaxy, where socks could go to when they are lost.

So with no place to go… they stay.

Now if anyone opens a sim dedicated to socks only, I bet a L§ for a hundred LL-Pinetrees, it would be packed within seconds and crash due to millions of socks, which have now have found their escape-spot.


A dream in green

25 02 2009

I have to admit it. I like steel and rust more than shiny pipes and black and white modern design. Thus being so, I grabbed some buckets of rivets and my famous rusty steel and green glass textures.
What I wrenched out of my head after 4 days of building was my new headquarter in a 140m diameter cogwheel.

Now, after the rivets have cooled down, I decided to pack that up for sale in a while.

I was asked why I would be not selling it right away.

The answer is fairly easy:
To show off a bit. I behold it to be a somewhat unique structure in SL (yes I know well that there are probably a million unique structures around – but this is my personal-lookwhat-I’ve-done-now-structure 🙂 ).

But to offer some solace to the people who already asked me about it because of the looks and the somewhat nifty gate-construction, I took the vastly huge entrance hall and converted it into a separate structure, which I called “The Greenhouse”. This is going to be the first prefab of a new line of products, I call Steelworks


The Greenhouse offers a spacious hall, ideally suited as a workshop,
a store, a gallery or simply a stylish home.

The innovative entrance doors open automaticly and with a massive sound to let you in while the external lanterns allow you to set your entrance to the right light. The lanterns detect nighttime and switch on automaticly as soon as your sim turns dark.

Technical Data
Footprint: 36 x 36 meter
Height: about 18 meter
Prims: 223
– Building: 194
– Lamps and lightswitch: 39

Mod/Copy/No Transfer
(Except for the scripts which are no mod)

Price: 1999 L$

See it on SLX:

Or look for it in my mainstore:

What exactly is a microparcel?

13 02 2009

LL just released its new policy regarding dividing mainland.

See it here


Now, since the casino-ban, the bank-ban and the policy change on open sims, I was always having a sharp eye on LL in view to any new regulations they come up with.



Those policies caught users mostly by surprise and seemed unthought, highly unjust and in all of the cases unconsulted.

Means there was not even a hint on what was coming up to the users. In comparison, LL did a leap in communications already by having the topic on the blog discussion and giving netizens the impression their voice is heard.

However, what LL missed again is to set a clear wording in terms of where a microparcel starts. 16 squaremeter or 511 squaremeter? Or in between?

In law this would strongly require a layout of terms. But due to LL is no parliament they could have been more specific in what they rule out.

As a landlord in SL all the rumors about what coming where’nt too nice to hear and ponder about. And while the actual policy is a general relief, it leaves enough uncertainty to look back over the shoulder.

But, even though undefined , I have to agree that this will be helping the mainlands attractivity in my eyes.

Let us hope for the best:)


Hammerwielder goes high…

10 02 2009

No! this isnt about drugs 🙂 After renting out mainland for quite a
while now to cover parts of my tier, I decided to expand that
area of business and aim for high targets.

Well, basicly that means, I from now on also offer skybox rentals
for people with a slim moneyclip.

I just placed about 25 cosy furnished skyboxes at Dhaulagiri which start
from 150 L$ per week with 30 prims (See picture).


This allows tenants to place some personal things in there and make
it “theirs”. More prims are available on request at a rate of 2.5 L$/prim/week.

Soon we will also set up some more luxury skybox models.

So if you know somebody, who looks for an affordable home in SL –
send them to Dhaulagiri..

New years, new ambitions, new armors

15 01 2009

I know, I am about half a month late there but a happy new year to everyone.

New year, new groups, new motivation, new products could also be a headline for this.
After the last year being devilishly busy, this year started somewhat calm
during holidays I was even able to build some new things.

One of those was my new mainstore,of which I will report in some following post. I

I felt quite honoured, as the folks of Public Sandbox Group (PSG), a group of gifted builders,
who run several sandboxes like at Hyboria, Mauve, Columbine and Kings Bishop and who teach people to build,
invited me to join their ranks.

Due to this I returned to building in sandboxes instead of working alone up on my shops skyplatform.
And it seems to be true enough that company forwards creativity.

Soon after starting again to hang out there, I dug out some old project idea: the Panzerklein

A powerarmor that will protect you from all hardships of life

This is a concept, I saw in a computer game once (and even though suspected by some, it was not
Bioshock) where people used self propelled armor-suits with heavy weaponry.

Except for the heavy weapons I liked that idea and decided to give it a try. Ad finally here is the result.
A steampunk hazard suit for the adventurous avatar, which will allow him to move to the most dangerous envivroments
without any harm.:)

Besides it will amuse its owner with some nice features like some weird sounds coming from the engine, a walk that
indicates that the constructor may have been doing something wrong here and there and my favourite:
a gramophone-sound system to amuse yourself and bystanders.

I also offer a free product demo, so everyone could try this peak point in steel-fashion before
buying it.

Read more about it on my XStreet Sl product page:

The Demo can be found here:

The Yardsale Avatar

5 10 2008

On a wild party a few people discussed about strange avatars. Then we came to moving shops … suddenly somebody uttered the thought that if youd had to carry all that stuff from one shop to the other, you’d look like a moving yardsale … a big pile of rubbish.

The natural thought to follow while dancing was to try that and hang all kinds of queer stuff on every single attacmentpoint to get and keep on spinning in dancing.

Ta DAHHHH!:) Everyone kept laughing for half an hour and it was decided that the Outfit should be remembered and offered as an Avatar.

Be sure to be remembered when wearing this!

Photos can not completely show the hilarous effect, so i turned up a little video:

Back to (Second) Life

3 10 2008

Oh dear, what a year.

After finishing my diploma and acquiring a new post in RL I had to settle in there. After did that, my bosses at the city administration  decided that they’d need me to hop into the local animal asylum as an emergency manager to streighten things until a regular manager is hired. Intriguing.

Now … after I passed that job to the new manager, I am finally free again to return to the net for longer than 15 minutes per day and do things, I like to do like buildingand straightening out my own shop:)

It’s high time to buld something and pack up those Boulevard – Segment shop project, I have in my pocket for ages.:()

Witchhunt View on Second Life

4 07 2008

Soda Domela was just so kind to to report me to LL for unsolicited promotion for passing on a notecard to invite her to associate with my prefab shop business.

Allow me to quote our little communication for your amusement:

(I have’nt found a way to turn of the smileys on these posts, so be assured there have been no smileays on Miss Domela’s side 😉

Soda Domela: (Saved Wed Jul 02 01:50:29 2008) do i know you?
Soda Domela: (Saved Wed Jul 02 01:51:48 2008) why have you sent me this notecard?

Calixus Voom: Hello there:) I just dropped you the notecard because I look for some classy shops to associate in the shops in my showrooms. I want to present my prefab shop designs “in action” and did spread the notecards to shops, I looked upon and saw good style in:)
[7:30]  Soda Domela: (Saved Fri Jul 04 02:14:46 2008) I ADHERE TO TOS AND REPORT ALL SOLICITATIONS.  BUSINESS IS BUSINESS and constant solicitations are an interuption, and block important messages.   TOS POLICY: 5.1 Participant Conduct. In addition to abiding at all times by the Community Standards, you agree that you shall not:  (vii) upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or any other form of solicitation;
[7:30]  Soda Domela: (Saved Fri Jul 04 02:15:32 2008) it is your responsiblity to read and follow Second Life Terms of Service,  the above is directly from my profile.  Your account can now be suspended,  good luck to you
[7:30]  Soda Domela: (Saved Fri Jul 04 02:16:06 2008) every mall here wants “classy shops” it doesnt mean that you can solicit people
[7:35]  Calixus Voom: Very well. I thank you for kindly taking some more of your doubtlessly valuable time to inform me and wish you a nice day:)

Well, so far so good. I am not really worried about a report to LL for sending a notecard to a a businesskeeper in SL to invite him to associate which is set in a decent language and offers the reciever the chance to read the headline and decide to accept or decline (is it a strange thought to think that his/her AV would be set to ‘busy’ if he is in a workflow, allergic to notes and wants to be left alone?).

What indeed worries me in this case is, that SL features individuals -businesspeople or not – which act as they where simply too important to take a glimpse on an incoming notecard report and press the accept/deny button on notecards, but on the other hand take the time file a report to LL,  copy a quote from TOS to you and wish you good luck with it.   

On this behalf I want to make a point clear to everyone, who intents to speak to me on any matter, pass on a note regarding business or having for any kind of communication which is articulated in a decent manner  and above the level of  “HEY YOU XXX FOR LOW MONEY!”:

I will be open for your communication and talk to you if my time allows it  and will at least take the time to read the title of your notecards before I decide to not accept it. I always tried to be a communicative person in SL for this is what makes the whole envivroment a much better place: the chance to meet new people.

Although I run a business in here for about a year now as a hobby, I always tried to be open to any chance to converse and also to look friendly on any business-related-communication that offers anything.

While some people seem to see freedom in SL in being the freedom to be left alone, I see it as my freedom to decide to be an open individual who looks at everything and replies to what he deems worthwhile.