Cry Havoc and let slip the adboards

30 01 2008

 When visiting some sims, where owners used Hammerwielder Store Shop – Designs to stuff the place,
I came to talk to the owner of one of them, who told me that he was happy that
LL finally updated her island with HAVOC running on it now.

“Great!”, I thought to myself,”LL made another step forward with some visible effort to improve the infrastructure!”.

“Not so great!”, I thought just 20 seconds later, when the Simowner told me that the older
models of the rez-locus-boxes, which where used for my earlier models seem to be not very
compatible with havoc.

“Ahrrgl!” was my first official comment on that matter. After a review I would change that one into:”Oh well, it seems, I know what to spend my time with at this weekend.” 🙂

I will have to update all those old rezboxes to the newest script version. Oh dear.
But as the sign, I always wave says:”We give excellent service!”. And so I try.

I will update those boxes by the weekend and everyone who bought the old versions may IM me to receive
an updated version of the respective shop after he showed me his old version.

The rest of the week was loaded with efforts to bring people to my Advertising Hub to
rent some adboard and help me to keep the atmosphere.

Here is your chance to make yourself visible:)

LL Bank-Ban: My Personal Conspiracy-Theory

26 01 2008

bannedComing back after a weekend and finding that bank-runs are underway because LL has banned banks on short notice 

No need to say that LL has once more managed to place a sensible blow with maximum impact to the economy in SL.

Slowly I get more and more to the idea that LL is nothing more than a Berkeley–macro-economics-lab simulation with some US-government-project that stated the goal to explore how much damage an economy could take.
In this scenario, LL takes the role of an entity, whichs only task is to come up with some “Black-Friday”-staging-incident to see wether this time the whole thing blows or not.detonator

Points that support this view as follows: Read the rest of this entry »

First things first

26 01 2008

CalixusNow, after doing a lot of things in the multiverse, I finally also got me a blog.

I always saw this as a vanity, but step by step, I came to the conclusion, that it would not be too bad to make me, myself and my thoughts known. Also it is some matter of making my products known and give customers and other users the chance to enter into a dialogue about things, I could do better.

So, here it is and I hope you enjoy reading what I write here.


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