The discovery of “slow”

8 02 2008

After two days of updating rezboxes, I made a few philosophical experiences:

At first, I finally met a player who obviously gives a damn about what i call the “Barbie & Kenification” in SL.

He created a Diogenes-Avatar, an old man with a lamp and a little cup, with bare feet and a toga. Playing a grumpy old AV myself while being not that old (yes, I know 37 is Methusalem-like with some kids today), I instantly made friends with him and created him a barrel with some sitting pose in it as a home.

The second experience was to witness the timetravel, SL makes possible. While inworld, no more time floats by than you need to produce something from your inv to the ground, in, in RL, time stretches painfully over multiple minutes. Einstein would have gone nuts over this fabululous example for relativity!.

LL was so kind to provide this effect with a device called “asset-server”.

This miraculous device is able to bend time in SL and that way you can drink a comfortable and relaxed cup of coffee while avoiding the usual haste when trying to bring things thro and fro from and to your inventory.

No more stress, because you would have to stick on screen to see what happens at every second. These timebends allow you a far mor relaxed RL while in SL your business slows down that much, you would neither earn money nor be able to work for it as a builder.

Thank you LL.



One response

3 03 2008

I have to compliment you on your observation on relative time: there is quite the paradox, when one inhabits two worlds (each with its own timeline) simultaneously, and it’s one I haven’t heard many people discuss, even though it’s a universal experience within the environment.

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