Calixus Voom and his (second) life


This blog holds news both from my two ventures in this world: The Hammerwielder Poster & Art Galerie and the Hammerwielder Storeshop as well as my thoughts to ongoings in second life in general.


I started travelling Second Life in early 2007. When coming into that world, I found loads of astounding things, users built there. Calixus

I started out in a Sim, which depicted 1940s New York in a most brilliant fashion. I adore that period so I hung out there a lot. After a few days, I remarked that money is a bit of a factor in that world and started camping and working as a freelance advertiser for shops.

After another few days, I got tired of that method, decided to act and invested 20 US$ in Linden$, rented a shop in that New-York 1940s Sim, uploaded some public domain fine art and some satirical pictures of friends who allowed me to and offered them.

The gallery grew and after the New York Sim went offline due to RL-problems of its owner, I met some landlady who took me onboard on a residential Sim a bit in the outback and was able to expand my gallery.

When that business was set up, one day I stepped into a sandbox by accident and was infected with the builders-virus and am eversince. Building relaxes me immensely and I found joy in redoing the design of the 1900 to 1940 period.

I also found out that some people like my building style, so I opened up a shop for my buildings on the Eyecom and on the Eyeles Sim. Business covered its costs and even brought in some more L$ for to put on the banks.

Being a place of change, SL brought up a new search engine which made it necessary to hold your own lot with its own name to sell your products. This and the fact that banks where evicted by LL, caused me to invest my money otherwise and to buy an old sandbox at Dhaulagiri to build up my new mainstore there and place my gallery besides it. There we go with the new base of operations for me where you would find me quite often in SL.

Besides that I love to explore Caledon, a network of victorian-steampunk sims and SL in general. I love to meet new people, so my friendlist holds legions of them. Networking is one of the most important advantages in SL to me. So don’nt be shy and make yourself known, if you like:)

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4 03 2008


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