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9 03 2008

I recently met Cal (yes I know that this is  normally what people call me), a fabulous guy who seems to have survived from the old days of SL, whobought of my vintage line wholesale package and who turned out to be a.: a nice person and b.:an excellent advocatus diavoli with a sharp eye.

He was so nice to point out several bugs in my designs to me which slipped me as some things do when you work intensely on them and turn into the eyes-wide-shut-mode. So I spent most of saturday with snooping after his findings and correcting them.


During this process, I updated the following things:

– The Majestic 

The Majestic

See it:   –>in SL<–     –>on SLX<<–


– The General Store

The General Store

See it:   –>in SL<–     –>on SLX<<–


– The Barbershop


See it:   –>in SL<–     –>on SLX<<–


The Giver/Counter Script


See it:   –>in SL<–     –>on SLX<<–


– and finally the Vintage Line Wholesale package


See it:   –>in SL<–     –>on SLX<<–

And no, I do not have a fancy update-server as of yet, I have to admit. I fancy I slowly have to face the fact that this thing grows bigger and bigger and get me one:)

Kind regards,