LL Bank-Ban: My Personal Conspiracy-Theory

26 01 2008

bannedComing back after a weekend and finding that bank-runs are underway because LL has banned banks on short notice 

No need to say that LL has once more managed to place a sensible blow with maximum impact to the economy in SL.

Slowly I get more and more to the idea that LL is nothing more than a Berkeley–macro-economics-lab simulation with some US-government-project that stated the goal to explore how much damage an economy could take.
In this scenario, LL takes the role of an entity, whichs only task is to come up with some “Black-Friday”-staging-incident to see wether this time the whole thing blows or not.detonator

Points that support this view as follows:

1. LL-concentrates on high-cash flow-sectors of SL-economics (e.g.: ban of gambling, now banking – yes I know, its not a ban but “reduction to certified banks”, but face it: which of all these banks would have been able to produce a certificate up to 22nd of January to stay in business? One? Two?)

2. LL always comes totally out of the sun with these measures. When has there been any corespondance with casino-owners? Where was the preemptive consultation with the banks before kick off a stone of news that would cause some economical avalanche, that a retarded could forsee?

3. A “world-owned and created by its own users” and “be what you cannot in RL” is over. That might have been true in 2004. With the step into banking-ventures and harsh hits to the economics, LL started to drive down the heartbeat of SL-economics. Users start ventures here because they may have their work to enrich the world rewarded by a small of not-quite-so-small amount of RL-money.

This includes to invest in risky business by your own choice and in the knowledge that the banking and investment scene is somewhat wild-west-like. So the wiseguy spreaded his funds on several institutions and investments to not risk all when one goes down.

Now what? LL blasted them all. Charming.

During the next years we will for sure see more of this “Usually, we don’t step in the middle of resident-to-resident conduct, but…”

My bet would be that the experimental team tries the big blast and bans any ventures that allow re-transfer of L$ to real money or something equally creative.

Now white rats that we are we will wait and see. And if they overstretch it we will find some more liberal and non regulative virtual government in the metaverse.
Probably something from China.




3 responses

3 10 2008
Julius Torres

I believe that an organization or organizations allied into one have planned and controlled nations in order to fulfill their objective of having a One World Government and World Leader. Things just don’t happen, they are planned and executed in silence and the people have no idea what is happening, they can only guess and point the finger at the cause that has nothing to do with it. Take Germany for example; she blamed the Jews. America is nothing but a powerful puppet to throw away when the time is ripe for Europe to rise as a new world power. For now, they need America to protect her until she settles down to rule. Then she willl be nothing but a dependency to the new Roman Empire. The secret organizations probably are the Cabals, Jesuits, etcs . men in government positions with connections and power to help restore and rebuild the Roman Empire. They provide the stepping stones for the antichrist to grasp and hold unto power. The Jesuits aim is to obtain political power in Europe and make the world Catholic with some tolerance to all religions to unite as a superchurch and welcome the world leader. The Cabal(Brotherhood) is to prepare for halfman/halfSatan to have power in the world. His rule will only last seven years, unlike Hitler’s 12 year rule. The war reaped up 50 to 70 million souls dead. His rule will reap up billions dead which also includes true christians and Jews persecuted. But his rule will be destroyed by another God, called Jesus Christ.

3 10 2008

Hmm … intriguing thought while a bit too much on the religious side for m taste:) Any one else with a theory?

3 10 2008
Raul Crimson

My idea is more simple: Gambling is ilegal is most places, LL is, this way, protecting themselves about access bans in some countries or legal actions. Banks in SL were in a lot of cases scam pyramidal systems (like Ginko where the owner took the money and run… he must be now in the virtual Bahamas).

SLeconomy was created as micro-economy, i remember a conversation with Torley Linden where he said one of the most interesting things in SL is that when the Lab creates an option, a new application normally residents use that new features for things the Lindens never though about. SLmacro-economy is, in my opinion, one of this.

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